Large Dinning Area With Blue Run And Tile Floor.

Carpet Binding

Re-use your old carpets to create a beautiful area rug with our carpet binding solutions! When you replace old carpets most people just end up throwing away the old remnants without even knowing that it can be re-used and transformed into a beautiful area rug using carpet binding.

Carpet binding is usually a cotton or other synthetic based material which is used to sew the edges of a piece of carpet.  By sewing the edges of the carpet it gives it a better overall aesthetic look, as well as inhibits the carpet from unraveling or fraying around the edges.

The best and most popular way to utilize carpet binding is when it comes time to replace your carpets and there is still some great pieces of carpet left over. You can cut the good pieces of carpet left over into area rugs and use carpet binding to keep them together. Then use this area rug in your dining room, in front of the fire place or wherever an area rug is needed in your house.

In addition, after you install new carpets in your home there is almost always carpet pieces leftover that were never used. Instead of storing these carpet pieces in your garage transform them into a beautiful area rug with our carpet binding solutions!

Hector’s Magic Carpet offers onsite carpet binding for all of our clients and are happy to bind up any carpet pieces that you might have lying around. We will cut the carpet to fit any room size or space that you desire and bind it onsite. Give Hector’s Magic Carpet a call today for any and all of your carpet binding needs!