Grayson, GA

Local Grayson Carpet and Hardwood Floor Installations

Are you in the market for a new hardwood floor or carpet? This doesn’t need to be painful or a headache! Here at Hector’s Magic Carpet, we have been handling the heavy lifting of flooring for our neighbors in Grayson so you don’t need to stress out over this! We’ve been in business the past twenty years because of our customer-focused business model. Our unique business model does not require a large storefront or a huge staff, so we can pass the savings onto you. We take pride in our work so it’s only natural that labor and installation are guaranteed for three years at no extra cost, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty that usually runs between ten and twenty years.

Quality Carpet Removal and Installation

Picking out the perfect color to match your living room can be an exciting time, even if finding that perfect shade of tan takes a lot of deliberation. When you are finished picking out the perfect color, let us handle the new carpet installation. Our highly trained staff of carpet installation technicians are masters of removing the old carpet and installing the new one quickly and efficiently. We don’t leave your house in a mess—it’s almost like we weren’t even there!

Looking for other carpet related services? No problem! We are not only the best carpet installation company in the Grayson area, but also offer carpet removal, repair, and re-stretching.

Durable Beautiful Hardwood Flooring

Nothing says low maintenance quite like a new hardwood floor. Not only do they outlast all other flooring types but make cleaning up spills and messes almost effortless. Dog training and child rearing are no match for a good hardwood floor installation. We started installing hardwood floors two decades ago and our experience shows. When you start looking for new flooring let us be your hardwood floor installation company!

If you already have a hardwood floor you are fond of we offer hardwood floor refinishing as well. As the top hardwood floor refinishing company in the area, we can make an aged hardwood floor look and feel like new again!

Don’t Be a Stranger!

Still on the fence? Why not give us a call, all estimates and consulting is completely free. No need to come out to our store, we can come out to you. It won’t cost you anything but your time and we are not satisfied until you are!

Winder, GA

Quality Carpet and Hardwood Floor Installation in Winder

Hector’s Magic Carpet in Winder has been around for over twenty years serving the local community.

Small family owned businesses usually don’t stay in business that long but the secret sauce that keeps us going is our customer first attitude. We treat your house like our own and tread carefully each and every job. To keep the costs as low as possible we keep a smaller office and storefront to pass the savings onto you. If you have any hardwood floor or carpet installation needs your neighbors here at Magic Carpet will be happy to help out!

Local Hardwood Floor Installation

Nothing really pulls a room together like a beautiful hardwood floor. If you are looking for a way to increase the value of your home while impressing the family we’d love to be your go-to hardwood floor installation company.

Already have a hardwood floor? Great! If you want to spruce up your dining room before Thanksgiving or perhaps just want to experience that nice new room glow give hardwood floor refinishing a shot. It’s far cheaper than getting a new hardwood floor but the results can be just as stunning. We are the top hardwood floor refinishing company in the area!

Carpet Kings

Sprucing up the kid’s room has never been so easy! Our highly trained and fully licensed and insured carpet installation experts get the job done quickly with no mess to your home. There’s only one carpet installation company in the Winder area that uses the best brands and installs your beautiful new carpets while leaving your home undisturbed!

For the budget-conscious we also offer carpet removal, repair, re-stretching and binding. There’s no need to commit to a brand new carpet because the dog tore up one corner, let us take a look and see if it can be repaired instead!

Let’s Get Started!

Like what you hear but not ready to commit just yet? No problem! Rome wasn’t built in a day after all. Why not give us a call, you will get one of our trained customer service specialists that can offer you a free quote and free consultation. No need to come to us, we come out to you! All it will cost you is a little bit of time, no need to open your pocketbook until you are absolutely sure you know what you want!

Suwanee, GA

Suwanee, GA

Don’t let your flooring needs go untended to any longer! Here at Magic Carpet we offer you high-quality flooring solutions at an affordable price. If you live in Suwanee, GA or the surrounding areas, we’ll come to you and make your residential or commercial property more valuable, as well as add a new level of comfort to your space. We never skip steps to get the job done faster, but we do have the experience to get the job done quickly and correctly the first time. We know that whether you’re selling your home or simply want an impressive floor, you’ll need a crew that uses the leading manufacturers and has experience, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with us.

Premium Carpet Installation
We offer a premium carpet installation in Suwanee, GA. The materials we use are durable and our professional installers utilize the best practices to ensure a job that will exceed your expectations. You’ll love that you have a variety of carpet styles and colors to choose from and we’ll walk you through the process step by step so that you can make the best decisions for you. If you want to customize your carpet for your specific needs, then let us know that and we’ll work with you to design the flooring of your dreams.

Quality Carpet Removal
Don’t trust just anyone with your carpet removal in Suwanee, GA. We’ve been in business for over two decades and understand the importance of a reliable company to get the job done. We’ll treat your space in a respectful way so that you don’t end up with an incomplete job or a mess left behind. We keep our workspace tidy and clean up when we’re finished. Plus, our experience has taught us the best carpet removal methods so that the job gets done quickly so that you’re able to move on to your next project.

Hardwood Floor Installation
Get rid of your old and dirty flooring and update your Suwanee, GA home with hardwood floor installation. Hardwood floors will not only update the look of your Southern home but will also increase the value of your house. Make the wise investment and choose the best hardwood floor installation company here in Gwinnett county to install those hardwood floors that you’ve been dreaming of. Our team of flooring experts can help you choose the best option for your Suwanee home, budget, and lifestyle.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Restore the look of your floors with Hector’s Magic Carpet hardwood floor refinishing services. Are your hardwood floors looking drab, scraped, or warped? If so it’s time to call the best hardwood floor refinishing company here in Gwinnett County to schedule a hardwood floor refinishing appointment today. As the flooring experts in Suwanee, GA our team of experienced hardwood floor refinishers will choose the stain that is best suited for the humidity, temperatures, and pre-existing flooring of your home. Increase the value of your home today with our hardwood floor installation or hardwood floor refinishing services. Here at Hector’s Magic Carpet we pride ourselves on providing one of a kind customer service and workmanship that will surpass your expectations.

A No-Obligations Quote
We offer no-obligations quotes, and all you have to do is call and schedule a time for us to come to you. Our carpet installations come with a three year guarantee free of charge, as well as the manufacturers guarantee. Over the years, we’ve built a solid reputation in the community of Suwanee, GA and the surrounding areas because we’re easy to communicate with, offer affordable prices, and use quality materials. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself by calling today!

Wood Flooring

Duluth, GA

Duluth, GA

Here at Magic Carpet, we think that Duluth, GA residents deserve a quality flooring services at an affordable price. We know that when you want to add value to your home and comfort to your life, one of the best ways is by letting the experts come in and improve your floor. We’ve been providing premium services to those in Duluth, GA and the surrounding areas for decades, and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. We’re proud of our reputation in the community and love building lasting relationships with our customers.

Carpet Installation
Over time, your carpet or current flooring may wear down or just not be the style that you want any longer, and we’re here to help with that! We always use the top leading brands in the industry and provide you with an installation that looks amazing. We’re so confident in our abilities to give you complete satisfaction that we offer a 3 year labor and installation guarantee at no charge to you (and that’s on top of the manufactures guarantee). We make you our number one priority, and that means we do everything to ensure you’re confident with our work.

Carpet Removal
If you need carpet removal in Duluth, GA, we’ve got you covered! Our experts don’t just remove the carpet using the best methods, but they treat you and your home with respect while doing it. We know that when you need carpet removal, it can feel like your home or commercial property is chaotic. We make the process simple for you, we always clean up our messes, and we get the work done with precision so that we can get out of your way and you can get back to your day. We’ve been doing this for over twenty years, and our carpet removal methods are proven, quick, and reliable.

Hardwood Floor Installation
Are you ready to increase the value of your Duluth, GA home? Hardwood floor installation is not only a great investment but is also easy to maintain and looks stunning in Southern homes. There are a lot of different hardwood flooring options out there, speak with our team of flooring experts today to find out which hardwood floor installation choice is best for your home, budget, and aesthetics. As the best hardwood floor installation company in Duluth, GA we are dedicated to providing you with extraordinary customer service and flawless workmanship.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Do you have hardwood floors throughout your Duluth, GA home that are looking lackluster, damaged, and worn? Get your floors looking beautiful and new again with our hardwood floor refinishing services. Hardwood floor refinishing can be tricky and even dangerous, call the experts here at Hector’s Magic Carpet to make sure that it’s being done right. We will ensure that your hardwood floors are not damaged in the process and that the right stain is being used on your hardwood floors. As the best hardwood floor refinishing company here in Gwinnett County, you can rest at ease knowing that experienced and knowledgeable hardwood floor refinishing experts will get your floors looking better than ever. If you’re ready to give your Duluth home the makeover that you’ve always dreamed of call Hector’s Magic Carpet to schedule a hardwood floor installation appointment or hardwood floor refinishing appointment today!

Get Your Free Quote Today!
Whether you’re ready to get started on that carpet installation in Duluth, GA today, or you just want more information about carpet removal, get in touch! Our knowledgeable customer service is ready for your phone call. The best part is, we come to you and provide you with a free quote. We keep our prices affordable, but we always think that you should have the cost up front before making your decision. Let us add ease to your day, value to your home, and show you why customers keep coming back!


Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta, GA

When you have flooring needs, don’t look any further than Magic Carpet. We have decades of experience backing us up and a solid reputation for being a quality company in Alpharetta, GA. We don’t believe that carpet services should cost you an arm and a leg, and because of the unique nature of our business we don’t require a large store and staff. This means that you still get superior products and services, but at a reasonable price. Plus, we’re family owned and operated so you’re supporting a local business and will be treated like a friend. Here are a few ways that we can make the most of your residential and commercial space.

quality-carpetQuality Carpet Installation
Our carpet installations in Alpharetta, GA are always done with exact measurements and attention to detail to ensure that the job gets done right the first time. Our experience allows us to move at a pace that is quicker than someone who doesn’t have the in-depth understanding of the project that we do. We know that a beautiful carpet is only as good as the installation, and that’s why we focus on every detail no matter the size. A quality carpet installation will add value to your home if you’re selling it, and it will add comfort to your life if you’re ready to liven up your space.

Complete Carpet Removal Services
We also offer carpet removal in Alpharetta, GA because we know that this isn’t a job for everyone. Let us do the heavy lifting and hauling for you so that you know you’ll get a premium job done. We always treat your home with respect because we know that it can be frustrating when someone leaves a mess behind. Whether you’re going through the restoration process or your old carpet is simply worn out, we’ll get your carpet removed in Alpharetta, GA quickly and at a reasonable price.

Hardwood Floor Installation
Update your beautiful Southern home here is Alpharetta, GA with hardwood floor installation. As the best hardwood floor installation company in Fulton County, our teams of flooring experts are dedicated to helping you choose the best hardwood floor installation, laminate floor installation, or vinyl floor installation for your home, budget, and style. Our knowledgeable teams of hardwood floor installers are here to educate you about the differences, pros and cons of all your options, and help you pick the best flooring for your Alpharetta home.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Are your hardwood floors looking dull, scratched, dented, or have large gaps formed between your floorboards? If so, it may be time to call the best hardwood floor refinishing company here in Alpharetta, GA. Our hardwood floor refinishing experts will choose the right stain that will blend well with the current look of your floors and home. We also know firsthand how the humidity here in Alpharetta, Georgia can affect hardwood floor installation and hardwood floor refinishing. With our expertise, we will choose the best stain for the average humidity and temperatures that your home experiences. Hector’s Magic Carpet will get your floors looking beautiful and new again all while increasing the value of your home.

Call us today to schedule your hardwood floor installation or hardwood floor refinishing appointment and make your beautiful Alpharetta home the talk of the town!

Your Free Quote Is Waiting!
When you’re ready for that next flooring project, give us a call for your free quote! You’re not obligated to take us up on our offer until you’re ready and we always come to you so that you don’t waste any time in your day. Our services are convenient and we always use the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure you get a product that is durable and attractive. See for yourself the difference we can make!

Laminate Flooring Installation

Carpet Repair

When it comes to the flooring in your home, you want it to look nice to make your home an inviting place. But everyday wear and tear can take its toll on your carpet or other types of flooring. Thankfully, not every spot or stain must lead to costly expenses. Hector’s Magic Carpet can help repair or replace your flooring at an affordable price.

Carpet Repair & Carpet Stretching
A small stain, rip, or burn in the carpet does not necessarily mean the entire carpet must be replaced. Expert carpet technician as Hector’s Magic Carpet can repair tears or burns by replacing each small sectional with matching carpet. They are even pros at getting troublesome red or black stains out of the carpet using a special steaming technique. Additionally, carpet technicians can use carpet stretching tools to smooth away any wrinkles or fold in the carpet. With the professionals at Hector’s Magic Carpet, your carpet can look brand new once again!

carpet-repairCarpet Replacement
While Hector’s Magic Carpet can work wonders restoring carpet, it is sometimes simply time to replace carpet due to age or other factors. For affordable carpet replacement and quality installation, turn to the knowledgeable and experienced professionals at Hector’s Magic Carpet. With a large selection to choose from, you are sure to find a color and style that is just right for your space. Quality is key, which you are guaranteed to get when you place your flooring needs in the capable hands of Hector’s Magic Carpet.

Hardwood Flooring Installation
For a durable, easy to maintain flooring option, consider hardwood flooring for your home. Hector’s Magic Carpet has a variety of color options for any home. If you are looking for flooring that will last for years to come, then hardwood is a great choice. Contact us today for a free hardwood flooring installation quote.

Laminate Flooring and Installation
Laminate flooring offers a variety of choices at a fraction of the cost. This durable flooring is a great solution for areas of high traffic volume. It is a great alternative to achieve the look of hardwood flooring without spending more money. Easy installation, as well as easy maintenance, make this a great choice for any area.

Vinyl Flooring and Installation
Vinyl flooring is an economical choice that perfectly accents any space in the home. It flows well from one room to the next. For a one-stop shop from choosing the color and style to meet your needs to having vinyl flooring professionally installed, visit Hector’s Magic Carpet today.

Wood Flooring Installation
Wood flooring is a timeless, classic choice suitable for most any room in the house. It is easy to dust and clean, making it a great choice for a home with kids or pet. It accentuates a home, pointing out the unique characteristics as well as adding value to a house. For quality prices and installation, turn to the experts at Hector’s Magic Carpet.

With a variety of flooring choices to choose from and an exceptional staff to meet all your needs, you can’t go wrong when you choose Hector’s Magic Carpet for flooring materials and installation.

Hardwood Flooring and Laminate Flooring

Choosing the right flooring to accentuate and update your home is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. Hector’s Magic Carpet is an Alpharetta, GA flooring company that has a variety of options to meet your flooring needs.

Alpharetta, GA Hardwood Floor Installation Services
Hardwood flooring is a classic option that never goes out of style. When you choose Hector’s Magic Carpet for your hardwood flooring installation, you are getting top of the line products and services. An experienced and knowledgeable staff will work with customers to provide top of the line installation service. Our company has been assisting customers with choosing and installing hardwood flooring for over 17 years. We strive for customer satisfaction, which is why our customers tend to not only be repeat customers but also refer to family and friends. For a hardwood flooring company that excels, turn to Hector’s Magic Carpet

laminate-installationAlpharetta, GA Laminate Flooring
Another versatile and easy to maintain flooring option is laminate flooring. Laminate is a great choice for homes and business with high traffic volume as it is durable as well as easy to clean and maintain. Laminate flooring is also resistant to staining, scratching, wear, and fading. There are several natural color options to suit any style or decor scheme. Not only is laminate easy to take care of, but it is also simple to install. Hector’s Magic Carpet offers a free, no hassle, realistic estimate. Once you decide laminate flooring is the right flooring for your home, our team of experts will do a project assessment and then complete the installation process, leaving you with beautiful new floors to enjoy.

Alpharetta, GA Vinyl Flooring
You can’t go wrong with choosing versatile vinyl flooring. Extensive color and style options are available for personal preference. This resilient flooring option is comfortable to walk on yet easy to clean, making it a popular choice among homeowners today. A realistic quality can make laminate flooring look like exotic wood or natural stone, all the while keeping costs low and efficient. Should any damage occur, it is easy to repair or replace. For a complete selection of vinyl flooring options, consult Hector’s Magic Carpet.

Alpharetta, GA Wood Flooring
Another excellent flooring choice is wood flooring. It is a desired option among many homeowners today. While scratches or dents are easy to repair, they often only add to the characteristic of the wood flooring, making it a great option for families or places of high traffic. Colors range from light to dark to match the decor in any area of the home. You can’t go wrong installing wood flooring in any home. Hector’s Magic Carpet can help from start to finish, from choosing the perfect wood flooring to installing it in your home. So stop by and visit today.